An Autistic person has an intense sense of touch. Textures are actually quite soothing. I also suffer from a neurological disorder, epilepsy, and can understand the necessity of keeping my hands busy doing something.

Well, really the goal was to let the Autistic person know the gift was made for them, to give each Autistic person their own puzzle piece.

They have multiple puposes, as a gift that can be worn as a pendant on a necklace, or hung by a suction cup on a window to identify an autistic person is in the room. In case of fire, it may save a life.

Each piece is different because they are handmade. You can get one of these in three ways. It's really about the Autistic person receiving it, so even if you can't afford it, I'll send you one for free. Because I give a lot of free ones away and it cost me for materials and shipping to send them I ask that you a donation to help the cost of that by,

#1 Support Autism by making a donation, I will ship one puzzle piece to that shipping address. .

#2 You can send me a message and request a piece and leave your shipping address and I will ship it to you. Contact the artist.

#3 You could purchase one for $16.00 Buy one